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"Today is life... Tomorow never comes!"

"WAKE-UP!" Millions are now aware of how we have all been seriously Lied to and Deceived and who is behind it all!!

"You may say I'm a dreamer... but I'm not the only one!"

It is now the time in the History in the Entire Human-Race where we must ALL UNITE for FREEDOM using one single visual and recognisable name e.g. (WAKE-UP) so as the entire World will be totally aware that EVERYONE is UNITING to expose and put an end to this mass-insanity which has spread like an Evil-parasitic cancer throughout our world today.
Once the Entire World (Jewry included) have established just how we have ALL been systematically used, lied to and deceived and by whom, all in the name of their insane “New World (ENSLAVING) Order” then it begins the universal task to not only expose the deceit to more individuals, but to now UNITE and take-back the control and true freedom of our lives, now matter where in the world you may live.
This may sound an absolutely impossible and outrageous task to even contemplate, but when one can consider and understand that this is what has actually happened to the Entire World today orchestrated by a few evil-minded and insane individuals then the truth seeking masses can reverse this madness forever. We must use this “New World Order” created for worldwide ENSLAVEMENT and transform it into A New World FREEDOM FOR ALL!
By now, it should be quite obvious for all to see that we have ALL been stealthily enslaved by the Financial systems that govern our every waking day, well; it's time to UNIT and FREE OURSELVES from these evil financial institutions, and although this may take a great deal of courage on everyones part... we MUST now walk away from all our debts regardless to whom it be owed to!! CRAZY?? Well, WHAT'S totally enslaving the masses and who created it? If you have invested (for financial gain) in these financial institutions, then I'm afraid you will probably lose out, but then did you ever think of the misery you may indirectly be causing to millions who you were hopfully going to gain from? Some may win... others may lose!"
Please; just seriously think about this, as WE MUST take-back the power these hiden money parasites have over our lives and introduced a completely new system of finance using "Honest" inividuals and with the parasites being banned for ever holding any form of control of money and wealth ever again!! This CAN BE DONE but only if WE UNITE!

We must make Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Personnel and Private Security Company employers understand who they actually are working for as all the previously mentioned, must realise that without YOU, these Jewish/Zionists and their Freemason/Secret Society puppets have NO POWER and NO CONTROL over the masses or YOURSELVES! Surely History must tell you that they do NOT CARE if you lose a leg, an arm, your eyesight or even your LIFE? Of course they don’t because they don’t give a shit about you or anyone, as they’ll just get another Human-Being and convince them too that they’ll also be a “Hero!” for their Country or rather their Corporations!” So, Wake-UP and help liberate the world and yourself from these enslavers and please… don’t just say; “I’m just doing My job!” YOUR FREEDOM and your families are far more important!
Freemasons and other Secrete Society members must also “Wake-UP!” and understand that they too have been insanely led to believe that they are “Special!” This is why you have sworn an oath of “Secrecy” with your LIFE so they can CONTROL You! You have been Used by these “Brutes” in helping them enslave and murder millions of innocent people! You too MUST UNITE and leave these insane “Men Only Clubs” NOW and the masses; YOU the public, MUST start to protest outside the Freemasons Temples and publicly expose all the members to others.
If you work in the mass-media, you are probably by now knowingly deceiving the public and supporting "Jewish Lies and PROPAGANDA," so "Wake-UP," become the true loving Human-Being you were born to be and expose and publish the TRUTH or have the guts to WALK-OUT!! Let the TRUTH now be heard!!
If you work as a scientist, a biologist or other professional working for these parasites WAKE-UP and stop supporting them! Far too many professionals are directly or indirectly creating products which are designed to slowly KILL other Human-Beings! You were not edjucated to do this! Be brave be strong and UNITE with other colleagues or LEAVE
If you are a sports fan (no matter which… tennis, football, Formula1 or golf etc.) look who owns your sport; the venue; the major sponsors, the food, drink and merchandise you purchase whilst watching your sport, because I guarantee, that they can all be linked-back to these “BRUTES!” If only all the world’s football fans for example were to “Wake-UP” and UNITE to understand that they are ALL being taken for absolute unquestioning “FOOLS” in following their favourite sport because of who owns them, this alone would make a serious impact for a universal change. If you’re a musician or a fan of any form of the music industry; this major industry is also in the total control and ownership of these “BRUTES!” and Just how many wonderful musical artists have been needlesly Killed for trying to spaek the TRUTH of what these Jews are doing to the world? How many musicians today live in fear (the Jews major weapon) of having their careers and characters destroyed if they do speak out? They (the Jews) own the major recording labels, the artists, the venues, the merchandise, the ticket sales for their world-wide venues and all the food and drink inside them too, which they charge extortionate prices for! You see; we cannot escape from them, because no matter how one looks at it, we have all become Worker BEES for these “BRUTES!” We work as their SLAVES! Virtually every $ we spend we are Financially "FEEDING and FUELLING THEM" and continually fill their “(M)Honey Pots” so as to take even more control over US!

The message below is taken from:
"At some stage people will need to form a movement. The current problem is people are afraid of repercussions, and the economy is still viable. The worry about an association with a movement, and consequent individual identification, is a fable. As can be seen by the Rupert Murdoch (Nee' Moishe Green) scandal of 10,000 phone taps ... all your records are out there already. Israel runs computer programs on websites and ISP numbers, Google tracks your searches, Amazon tracks your reading material, your credit cards are followed, so Israel has dossiers on any potential dissident."

Every single Human-Being must now stand-up and start to SHOUT-OUT and make it the topic of EVERYONES converstaion on what you know! “If you want to make the world a better place… take a look at yourself… and make that change!” (R.I.P. Michael Jackson.) If you’re at school, university or other Ed(Jew)cational institution… yes” I say Ed-Jew-cation because just research and see who is actually in Control of what YOU Learn! This system is totally designed and created to “Narrow-the-Mind” so everyone knows the same, and NOT to explore and free the unknown capacity and wonders of the mind and heart! Please read this link:
If we are to have an education system, then let’s have education where our miracles of life (YOU) and every other human-Being on this Planet are can learn to explore the unknown depths of the mind and the heart. Let’s have education to rid ourselves of Greed, Lying and Deceit. Let’s have education where we learn to respect every form of life instead of selfishly destroying it for our ignorance and greed. Let’s have education where we can break the cancerous growth and cycle of hidden emotional and physical pain and anxiety to which far far too many individuals silently suffer and to which more often than not is impregnated from our parents own past inflictions. We can achieve all these and far more because in every Human-Being it is innate that we all desire to be loved and to give love, and once we can truly break-down all the “Man-Made” walls and brainwashing structures which are only designed to enslave us, then we can truly begin to see a world of freedom for everyone… even the “BRUTES!”
No matter which education system you are in just look around you and see the power and visual influence Corporate Sponsors have on your life and your future. If you are a teacher on any leval, then you MUST start to make your pupils aware of what is happening and how the pupils themselves MUST "WAKE-UP" to understand the incredible depths of deceit we are now living in... it's "THEIR" FUTURE!!


No matter which profession or career you belong and even if you belong to none, you must UNITE with everyone. Trade Unions members… UNITE but don’t listen to your leaders because they are probably already in the pockets of the BRUTES! They give you what you “THINK” you fight for.
This really can be the turning point and freedom in the Hi(S)tory of the whole Human-Race, but there is another major influential and critical institution that has also crippled the minds and hearts of millions of Unquestioning individuals (just like the media and governments) that tell us what to eat, drink, read, think, say, act, wear and who we can even marry etc. and this is “Religion!” “NO!” I hear you scream! but please, just bear with me for a while as all world religions are an incredibly and elaborate array of ancient man-made Mythological stories, (All factually unproven) it is however, another form of control. There are over 7Billion Humans on this planet yet not "ONE" can categorically PROVE there is a God; Devil or life after death: ("If" there is such a person, then let them come forward on the World's Mass-Madia and PROVE IT!) So WHY do we continue with this outrageous Mythological nonsense?
Please; just look at this link of world religions:
Seriously, ask yourself: how can Man believe that so many religions ALL have the “Answer to life” and “its Creation” when there are so many outrageously conflicting stories… but only "ONE GOD?” Surely; what kind of God would create for example; three main-stream religions which all have different conflicting Holy books, places of worship, and different days of worship, and dictate what they eat, drink, read and wear etc. What kind of God would insult and disrespect his most wonderful and sensitive creation of all the Female and then allow MAN to take total control through their bigoted religions in making the Female his religious "Underdog?" It is in fact the incredible wonders of the Female anatomy which carries the miracle of a new life in her Womb how we are ALL here! We can impregnate the Female with a sperm but we CAN'T inpregnate the arrogant Male with the egg to create life! We should ALL be worshipping and respecting the Female because without them… there is NO Human-Race!All world religious leaders today are all under the control of the Jews in preparation for the Jews planned WW3... to destroy ALL religions. Almost all religious leaders today are infact Freemasons and this is why NONE have ever encouraged their followers to investigate the TRUTH and FACTS surrounding 9/11 and this evil planned war on terror nor do they ever encourage their unquestioning followers to explore the foundation of their own faith and just maybe; the follower does not want to know how they have been seriously duped, but then it is not just one person! This next link may just make one realise the mass depths of deception we ALL rae facing today... this is just one of many factual pages exposing these incredibly "respectful(?)" and powerfully influencial religious leaders:-


Once again, this has all been designed and orchestrated by a few men to CONTROL YOU with predominantly FEAR; with one group even being told (I believe) of death if they apostate! (Total Control!)
If there is such an entity as a creator of all life; then I’m quite sure "it" would be overwhelmed knowing that his/her “Human Species” has now “Woken-UP” and started to listen to “THEIR HEARTS and INTELLIGENCE” they were born with instead of allowing and helping “OTHERS” in taking total control over them... normally from birth to be treated as unquestioning "SHEEPLE!"!

Every year, millions of loving parents blatantly lie, deceive and cheat their children into believing that a jolly old bearded obese man dressed in a red and white costume (created by Coke-Cola) will bring them presents… but “ONLY” if they are “GOOD!” So, you must behave and be good or he won’t bring you ANYTHING! Sounds much like the way religion works to me. But the parents actually KNOW it's all make-believe yet they continue to propagate this outrageous LIE every year? But ask yourselves; who actually financially gains from this very Merry and Happy Christian time of the year? The department stores? The Shopping Malls and giftware industries? The drinks and food industries? The Auto and Electrics industries? The Music industries? The Banks with their credit-card and finance companies? But wait a minute! aren’t these all predominantly owned by individuals who don’t even believe in Christ nor Christmas? But there's more because once this jolly Christain day is over we can all now go to the after Christmas sales and get everything MUCH CHEAPER! So you see… we really AREN'T FOOLS are we? Unfortunately for far too many, there's more to the finances of this one Jolly-day because although it maybe over, many now wait for their credit-card statements to drop through their letter-boxes for all their spending!

We ALL unquestioningly turn to the Worlds mass-media for the truth, news, information and entertainment but would NEVER imagine that it was all in the hands of one insane group of lying deceiving cheats designed to control whatever we hear, see, and read. Well; thousands of years ago “They” did the very same thing to control the masses, but they called it “Judaism: Islam: Sikhism: Christianity; Hinduism etc. etc. etc. Even the “Church of Latter day Saints” was created by one of the “BRUTES” Freemason Puppets… "Joseph Smith," (as was "Jehovah Witnesses") which the former introduced all the same/similar “Secrete Society” rules and rituals to control its followers!

Theodore Dreiser; once wrote: “Assure a man that he has a soul and then frighten him with old wives' tales as to what is to become of him afterwards, and you have hooked a fish, a mental slave.”

Isn't it time for the Entire Human-Race to seriously “Wake-UP” and break free from all these man-made paralysing and dogmatic structures and free ourselves to think, feel, listen, see and respect every form of life which is all a total miracle? Let your children plant a seed and watch it grow into a fruit or vegetable plant, watch the interest! We must have an education system where every child is encouraged to look inwards into themselves and explore the unknown and untapped energy of our hearts and our minds which is NOT taught in our schools today, because if it were… there would be NO CONTROL over us! We must all be taught to have total respect for ALL life forms as we are all part of this world. We learn to have absolute total respect and freedom of love for this new life we bring into this world, and admire the miracle the child is as you are and everyone else is. We must break-down this insane cancer called… “GREED!” We must have education on how negative and harmful the use of Lying and Deceiving others can be. Let’s start a New World where we can all have one Universal Religion called… “Peace; Harmony: Love and Honesty!” It can happen because everybody KNOWS when they LIE; DECEIVE; CHEAT and STEAL.” and we also know how we truly feel after we have committed such acts... don’t we?

Let it now be the time in the History of the Entire Human-Race to "Wake-up" and UNITE for a World-Wide REVOLUTION and finally put and end to this INSANE madness and set ourselves FREE.... this CAN be achieved but only if YOU wan to be FREE!!

The last link which I hope everyone will listen to; is by the Great and Wonderful Humanitarian and Musician.. John Lennon with IMAGINE...

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