It is time for the Human-Race to... UNITE!!

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
(Marcus Tullius Cicero.)

Please listen to We are the World....

(which obviously we do) If you trust and believe your Governments and the mass-media... then forget any future freedom.
If you do not trust and believe them... then it's time to Wake-UP and no longer be intimidated nor scared to publicly speak-out against Jewish-named individuals because by now, and what with all the factual documented evidence, one must be a fool not to comprehend that it is indeed, this one dominant group who are totally enslaving everyone.

"At some stage people will need to form a movement. The current problem is people are afraid of repercussions, and the economy is still viable. The worry about an association with a movement, and consequent individual identification, is a fable. As can be seen by the Rupert Murdoch (Nee' Moishe Green) scandal of 10,000 phone taps ... all your records are out there already. Israel runs computer programs on websites and ISP numbers, Google tracks your searches, Amazon tracks your reading material, your credit cards are followed, so Israel has dossiers on any potential dissident."

If you are, or know, any Military personnel, Law Enforcement personnel or “Private” (missionary) Security Company employers you must understand who you are actually working for and defending, as all the previously mentioned professions, must realise that without you, these Ashkenazi/Jewish/Zionists and their Freemason/Secret Society puppets have no power and no control over the masses or yourselves Surely History must tell you that those in power do no care if you lose a leg, an arm, your eyesight or even your life fighting for them because they don’t give a shit about you or anyone, as they’ll just get another Human-Being (Goyim) and convince them too that they’ll also be a “Hero” for their Country or rather their Corporations! So, Wake-UP and help liberate the world and yourself from these enslavers and please… don’t just say; “I’m just doing My job!” Your true freedom and your families are far more important than a time enslaving and consuming career. And if you think you can't leave because your in debt: then just research and see who you are actually indebted to!
Freemasons and other Secrete Society (SS) members must also “Wake-UP” and understand that you too have been insanely led to believe that you are “Special!” This is why you have sworn an oath of “Secrecy” with your life so they can control you! You have been used by these “Brutes” in helping them enslave and murder millions of innocent people! You too must unite and leave these insane “Men Only Clubs!” Really, what entices a man to become a member of a club where he cannot even tell his loved ones what they do? What everyone should start to do is to protest outside these Freemasons Temples and publicly expose all the members and how they have helped to deceive us all.
If you work in the mass-media, you are probably by now knowingly deceiving the public and supporting these "Jewish Lies and propaganda," so "Wake-UP," become the true loving Human-Being you were born to be and expose and publish the truth or do you not have the guts to walk-out and speak the truth? You must let the TRUTH be heard now.... you are not stupid, you must know that this war on terrorism is pure theatre and lies!
You the public, must start to protest outside any media outlet building and demand the truth... tell the workers of the media how they are helping these Jews enslave everyone.
If you work as a scientist, a biologist or other professional working for these parasitic pharmaceutical industries... WAKE-UP and stop supporting them! Far too many professionals are directly or indirectly creating products which are designed to slowly or immediately kill other Human-Beings! You were not edjucated to do this! Be brave be strong and unite with other colleagues or leave saying you've had enough! Forget your debts as again it will almost definitely be to a Jewish company!
If you are a sports-person or a fan (no matter which… tennis, football, Formula1, golf etc.) look who owns your sport; the venue; the major sponsors, the food, drink and merchandise you purchase whilst watching your sport, because I guarantee, that they can all be linked-back to these “BRUTES!” If only all the world’s football fans for example were to “Wake-UP” and UNITE to understand that you are all being taken for absolute unquestioning “fools” in following your favourite sport, this alone would make a serious impact for a universal change.
If you are a musician or a fan of any form of the music industry; this major industry is also in the total control and ownership of these “BRUTES!” Please scroll through and click-on any company or person and see where it takes you on this next link (and this is just in America) :- They own the major recording labels, the artists, the venues, the merchandise, the ticket sales for their world-wide venues and all the food and drink inside them too, which again they charge extortionate prices for! You see; we cannot escape from them, because no matter how one looks at it, we have all become Worker bees for these “BRUTES!” We work as their SLAVES! We are actually paying these parasites to enslave us because virtually every dollar (or maybe dolour?) we spend plus taxes, we are unknowingly financially feeding and fuelling their (M)Honey Pots so as to take even more control over us!
If you’re at school, university or other Ed(Jew)cational institution… yes! I say "Ed-Jew-cation" because just research and see who is actually in control of what you Learn! This system is totally designed and created to narrow and control the mind never to set it free. This is so everyone knows the same, and not to explore and free the unknown capacity and wonders of the mind and heart! Please read this link:

Let's take a brief look at ones educational life:- Until one becomes 5 years old, (and even younger now) time is absolutely meaningless. Then one day you are told you must get up because today you must (by law) go to school. (What a brilliant way in guaranteeing controlling everyones brains!)
From now on, you are thrown into the world controlled by “Time!” If you are late... you will be punished. You will do as we tell you, and you will learn what we teach you... this will continue (unquestionably) like you're some kind of machine until you reach the age to leave. Depending on how “bright” one is, will normally determine which career you'll venture into and become a time and money slave to. If like so many young student's of today, you will probably go on to a University because without that highly important piece of paper saying you are “Intelligent,” you will not be able to find a well paying job, but then, you will almost certainly have to find something because you are probably already in “Financial DEBT!” and who has stealthily convinced you into this debt? Jewish owned financial institutions? So; you are studying for say 3-4-5yrs or more with a huge debt already hanging over you and you haven't even found work. But just who do you think you're going to work for? The chances are that you will have to work for one of the major Jewish-owned multi-corporations or some tributary. So: you go to a Jewish controlled University; you get a student loan (normally) from Jewish financial institution making you already a debt-slave to them, then you “try” and find employment which more often than not will be for a Jewish-owned business! Incredible isn't it? And this is what we call being “Intelligent" is?
If we are to have an education system (wich obviously we do,) then let’s have education not to pre-programme you in to a career but where the miracles of life (YOU) and every other human-being on this planet can learn to explore the unknown depths of the mind and the heart. Let’s have education to rid ourselves of greed, lying and deceit. Let’s have education where we learn to respect every form of life instead of selfishly destroying it for our ignorance and greed. Let’s have education where we can break the cancerous growth and cycle of hidden emotional and physical pain and anxiety to which far far too many individuals silently suffer and to which more often than not is impregnated from our parents own past inflictions. We can achieve all these and far more because in every human-being there is an innate sensation that we all desire to be loved and to give love, and once we can truly break-down all the “Man-Made” walls and brainwashing structures which are only designed to enslave us, then we can truly begin to see a world of freedom for everyone… even the “BRUTES!”
No matter which education system you are in just look around you and see the power and visual influence Corporate Sponsors have on your life and your future. If you are a teacher on any level, then you MUST start to make your pupils aware of what is happening and how the pupils themselves must "WAKE-UP" to understand the incredible depths of deceit we are now living in... it's their future and yours!!

Let it now be the time in the History of the Entire Human-Race to "Wake-up" and UNITE for a World-Wide REVOLUTION and finally put and end to this INSANE madness and set ourselves FREE.... this CAN be achieved; but only if YOU truly want to know what FREEDOM is!!

And finally; this is a link to John Lennon’s Imagine...

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